Whirlpool Duet Washing Machine Reviews WFW94HEXW (or WFW94HEXR and WFW94HEXL)

Hi Appliance Shoppers,

Today we are reviewing the best rated Whirlpool Front Load Washing Machine, the WFW94HEXW.

This review focuses on:

  1. How this machine saves energy
  2. It’s large 4.3 cu. ft. size
  3. How it fulfills NSF Sanitary Requirements
  4. It’s Precision Dispenser
  5. How to use the different cycles.
  6. How this washer reduces vibrations and noise

This is the entry-level of 3 large capacity Whirlpool front-load machines.

Every cycle meets the highest energy standards ultimately saving owners a lot of money and preserving the environment.

Energy Guide For WFW94HEXW

For energy intensive loads such as Bulky Items, Heavy Duty, and Whites, the “EcoBoost” option uses even less energy by lowering the water temperature and extending the tumble action.

The Delay Wash feature allows the washer to operate when energy prices are lowest, which is generally overnight and on weekends.   The direct-drive motor improves the efficiency of the dryer, but we’ll get to that at the end.

The extra-large 4.3 cubic foot washer drum can clean 20 pairs of jeans or just under 30 pounds of laundry so people can do fewer loads per week.

6th Sense™ Care Control regulates the amount of water used by using sensors to determine the weight of the load. For example, if the load is heavy, more water will be added. Other sensors regulate the mix of incoming hot and cold water, ensuring a consistent temperature for every wash, whether it’s a freezing winter or a burning summer.

This machine is a certified Sanitizing & Allergen (NSF certified) reducing washer, mainly due to an internal water heater that raises the temperature of the wash to over 131 degrees Fahrenheit. This acts to  “reduce 99.9% of microorganisms” and remove “at least 95 percent of household dust mite allergens and pet dander”.

Every Allergen certified washer must, “be easily cleanable, corrosion resistant and designed to avoid accumulation of dirt and debris”. A cup of chlorine bleach or a tablet of Affresh used with the “Clean Washer” cycle removes soap residue and any mildew that may build up overtime. Every front-load washer today has a rubber gasket that has to be occasionally cleaned to prevent mildew buildup.

The stainless steel drum resists rust. Every Whirlpool washer in this series includes the FanFresh™ feature designed to keep clothes fresh, remove moisture, and even dry small loads overnight by periodically tumbling and drying with an internal fan (up to 16 hours) .

Also, HE detergent and proper drain installation are  required to prevent moisture and residue buildup.

At the appropriate time, the dispenser compartment automatically dilutes and dispenses the detergent (during the wash), the fabric softener (during the last rinseI), or the chlorine bleach  (during the first rinse). Do NOT overdose the detergent (symbol) as this may cause over sudsing, left-over residue, and possible malfunction.

This washer has the following standard cycles:

The Handwash cycle alternates between low-speed tumbling and soaking, to clean fabrics that are labeled “handwash” like undergarments and silks.

The Delicate cycle is designed for sheer fabrics and lingerie, by combining gentle tumbling with a slow spin speed.

The Quick Wash cycle is for lightly-soiled, small loads (3-4 items) that are needed right away (about 20 minutes).

For the best energy performance, the Normal cycle is ideal for lighter fabrics (like cottons, linens, blends, and synthetics).

The Bulky cycle is designed for large, thick items (like sleeping bags, and jackets) because it begins with a soak that saturates the fabric.

The Heavy Duty cycle should be used for sturdy, colorfast fabrics (color dyes that don’t bleed) and really dirty clothes.

A special cycle for Whites is designed to work best with chlorine bleach by using a hot wash and an extra rinse to remove residue.

The Allergen cycle uses a hot wash, fast tumbling, and a high spin speed to remove pet dander and dust mites from bedding and clothing.

The Whirlpool Duet WFW94HEXW has some unique features that include deep clean option.

You can add a Pre-Soak (27 min), Deep Clean (27 min), or Extra Rinse (12.75 min) to most of the cycles . The Deep Clean option adds a soak and a longer wash to penetrate fabrics and remove organic stains.

If you like using Oxi products or color-safe bleach, add it to the drum before loading the clothes. Then add your other cleaning agents to the dispenser.

If you forget to add something in the first few minutes, press the PAUSE to stop the washer and unlock the door, add your stuff, then press START to resume.

The six-point suspension system will reduce the initial vibrations as the washer picks up speed.

Remember the direct-drive motor I mentioned at the beginning. It saves energy because has fewer moving parts and allows the washer to spin faster than most other washers so that your clothes come out more dry, shortening drying times.

For washers going into the living space of a home, this machine uses an accelerometer to detect and correct imbalances and dual ball-balancing rings to reduce noise and limit shaking. Also, the washer drum is coated with sound-reducing material, making the machine an ideal choice for the kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom.

Setup Options

You can stack the units or set them up side-by-side. The washer door always swings to the left, but the dryer door can be reversed. The feet should be adjusted to level the machine. You also need a hot water and a cold water supply as well as a drain set at the proper height to prevent moisture buildup.

Dimension Guide for WFW94HEXW

Installation for WFW94HEXW

Instruction Manual WFW94HEXW


  1. Energy Savings
  2. 4.3 cu. ft. size
  3. NSF Certified (Steam & Allergen)
  4. Automatic Precision Dispenser
  5. Special Cycles
  6. Quiet Design

This washer saves a ton of energy, cleans huge loads of laundry, sanitizes clothes, removes allergens, ensures correct dispensation of cleaning agents, offers many specialty cycles, and makes laundry less of a chore.